Be Your Friend

Be My Friend

A new video for 2022 and it’s something different but somehow still familiar….


Laid back chilled music that pays reverence to sounds from all over. There is no master plan to Minerva Street. It’s a solo studio project that features some wonderful local players and my naive attempts to find my way… Somewhere! Early days in Bristol U.K. Listening to Massive Attack and sucking in the local scene. […]

Santa Fe

Santa Fe

After what seems an eternity I’m committed to finishing the follow up album which is called ‘Santa Fe’. It’s hard to be detached but it’s perhaps a far more subdued and mature affair to the first album. With Minerva Street there is no game plan and it just sort of happens, but hopefully this year […]


02-45am album

Chill is what I do best. I accept that now. It’s got me beat! It’s a place where my personality comes out. I’ve tried dance and other styles but they all end up chilled! But in Minerva Street I can experiment with impunity and have a little fun. Try and find that moment where it […]