Laid back chilled music that pays reverence to sounds from all over. There is no master plan to Minerva Street. It’s a solo studio project that features some wonderful local players and my naive attempts to find my way… Somewhere!

Early days in Bristol U.K. Listening to Massive Attack and sucking in the local scene. My friends made music and I never thought that music could be a part of my life. Then this …. a strange limbo place of living in Western Australia. It gets under your skin and the silence and fragile beauty helps you focus. Empty beaches and the sky at night so big and full of strange stars.

Then new people and musicians stray into your life. They too, are on their own journeys. Somehow on their own way they share some of their wonderful talents and add to Minerva Street.

I’m not sure where this is all going. As I said there is no master plan I just try and have a little faith.

John Young
Perth. Western Australia